Saturday, December 4, 2010

small things teach big !

Sometimes something very usual can prove to be really inspiring.We come to such things in our day to day life but never stop and think,maybe we are built this way..but sometime small things can really be inspiring and energy giving..u just need to see it through the right vision!well there is no concept of building up any right just "happens" i guess so..because i am pretty sure everyone has faced some moments of immense inspiration in some or the other point of their lives!which fills you with some unknown energy.(kind of inner strength).!
energy to succeed....
energy to love unconditionally.....
energy to to anything............
in a nutshell..

"energy not only to survive but to LIVE your life"

Keep looking for inspiration and motivation ... never let yourself down!
Help others .. your small acts of kindness can be big to someone :)

Life or Death? veronika decides to die

Again i m here in a new post with my favourite "inspirational lines" but this time not from a movie but from a book...
"veronika decides to die" by paulo coelho..
of course the book is great and the writer too..
this one is just my bit of experience of the book.
Well the way i read the book itself was kind of new experience.I was on my way back to college from home after the summer vacation.the journey was with my mother who being a lawyer always finds lot of people to chat with..well that day she was luckier because there was another "lawyer" in the same all discussion about various clauses and laws were on..and i was getting extremely bored and was just passing time by looking at the sceneries outside..but as the sun set..that sole option also got out of list!,,my mom's discussions were still on..and i was beginning to think this as one of my most boring journeys..but certainly God had other plans..!
of course..the journey was very nice..and i thank HIM for that!
it happened that my school friend was on the same train and that too with a big group of his classmates..they all were going for some industrial training finally i was with them.chattting,remembering old school days,,.playing antakshri n other random games(gnly played on trains)..well as it grew darker..their energy levels were reducing in direct proportion..finally i found myself all with myself again..i wasn't feeling so this was when my friend offered me the book for reading(and yes i like reading!!)

And here the story starts!
the story was all about a young girl Veronika..who has everything in her she thinks that there is nothing in her life to look forward to.and hence she decides to die young..than old..when she is all contented with all she she gulps hell lot of sleeping pills..but to her dismay..the next day she finds herself at a hospital..still alive..and with a new piece of information about herself that "she is going to die in a few days"... this story is all about her "last" few days..when she knows that she is going to die..and how her "contented" heart starts desiring more from life!

hmm.....this is all about the story line!seemed nice to me..but as i just could rush thro' some chapters we were at the destination..and the book had to be returned..!

then i was back to my college..engrossed with general stuffs...hmm..well did also tried to search for the book in the library here...but found all copies were issued..and i don't like reading digital ones..(unless its very know some course stuffs)hard copies have a charm of their own..and with me as time went on i just forgot about my half read book(so even the thought of buying never came)..i guess i was around a year after which..while some discussions about books and stuffs..i knew it was with one of my friends..and he was sweet enough to bring me that the same day!
so my story continues...
well again i won't go in details of the story..
i'll just quote my favourite parts..(that too in rather too compressed form :P)
it was just that when veronika knew she is going to die..she starts living do things she'd never done..thinking she'll do it someday of her push herself to extreme situations because she didn't fear death any more..
so this was it...
she was living double because she was going to die..but who of us are not??..we all are heading towards our certain "END"![line from the text itself-nice na!..i guess its much self explanatory!just THINK a bit ;-)]
and this was the end note of the book-

"the promise of life is not so life giving as is the promise to death!"

strange but true!
what say??????

journey or destination?

well sharing some of my personal experiences..well can also consider it some kind of review!
after watching a lot of sweet romantic movies,i just wanted a change of flavour... some friend of mine suggested to watch "peaceful warrior" ,however the name itself seemed repelling to me..thought was some kind of movie with loads of fighting n stuffs..but finally i ended up liking it and sharing my experience with you all here.
well the movie was of a different note(from what i'd preassumed) it was all about the struggle of a gymnast..i won't discuss the story here...can watch and find out..i will just speak up about my favourite lines from the movie.
there was an incident in the movie which according to me is worth description.
i'll just refer the 2 characters involved as the "young man" and the "old man"..because referring to their names will require some highlights of the story which i really want to omit!
so let me begin
it was just that the old man told the young one that he'll give him something "precious" if he climbs up a mountain with the greed of that "precious" stuff the young man agreed .while climbing up the journey they had was wonderful..full of splendid experiences.but when they reached the peak..the younger one got curious and asked for the promised "precious" was then the old man gave him an ordinary stone..seeing which the younger one was furious...he felt like being cheated!..he asked if this was what for which he'd taken up so much pain and climbed up the whole mountain!
the old man asked :"how was your journey up here?"
"the journey was this ordinary stone worth my efforts that i'd taken to come up here??"the young 1 replied
now the old man smiled and said
"what matters you more the JOURNEY OR THE DESTINATION"?
yes this is is a journey with a fixed "END" ,..i.e. inevitable death...
so what matters us,..our journey or the destination we ought to seek??
so lets ENJOY THIS journey to fullest!! is a journey..enjoy as a traveller..before the destination comes,,,there are still some great experiences in store for you!

well moving forward..(we were discussing about the movie)
another well said lines were:

Humour- calls for always having a sense of HUMOUR...specially about OURSELF...we shouldn't take ourselves too is not meant to be taken it is well said that whatever happens to us (howsoever bad),,,lets take it humourously..better said in hindi as "MAJAK ME UDA DO YAAR"...

paradox-well this is all about the uncertainity that life bestows on us..we can never know what is there in future for is a MYSTERY so let it be..why wasting time in futile efforts to understand it..just let it be...
here lines of the animation movie(one of my fav)KUNG FU PANDA damn relevant-
"TODAY IS A GIFT---and that's why we call it PRESENT"
but on the contrary..we humans waste soo much time in thinking of future..its not bad planning things..because that is important ..but what i am talking about here is anticipating the future...what will happen!..worrying.n such kind of stuffs!!
so u all need to solve the mystery coz life indeed is a PARADOX! just do the best and leave the rest..!!

finally comes need to say much about is something that is law of nature..everything changes..we know it still we are indifferent to this fact!..the more familiar we become to this aspect of life the closer we'll be to its peaceful version! EVERYTHING CHANGES,..BE READY TO FACE IT ANYTIME!!

seems have written much..well this is just my interpretation of some of the lines of the movie..if you watch may find some totally different interpretation as it is the way we 2 of us are alike !..hope if u don't find any vision you'll definitely find entertainment! i feel like i am done with typing this post..hope i haven't made many spelling mistakes:P..because "B" of my keyboard doesn't seem to function so well..-----